General questions about the product

What makes it stay in place?

The air cushion nose pads work as suction cups, securing the glasses on the nose.

The Helmet Ready Temples of the properly sized glasses grip the padding of the helmet with the help of the Micro Edge System. [link href=”” target=”_blank”]Video [/link]

What kind of helmets are they compatible with?

They are primarily compatible with such helmets that are padded at the temporal area. Nowadays, most helmets are.

To have the right size and quality of helmet is a basic requirement. It is not guaranteed that our product will work with helmets that have deteriorated padding or with those that are not the right size.

We tried to test our products with the widest range of helmets available on the market, and they performed brilliantly. However, we always recommend that you have your currently used helmet handy when you are trying our product on.

What if the glasses wiggle inside the helmet?

The most common causes for the displacement of the glasses are the following:

  • Not the correct frame size has been selected.
  • The padding of the helmet has deteriorated, it does not hold.
  • The design of the helmet does not accommodate the use of the Helmet Ready Temples. In this case, we recommend the use of the street temples. This does not influence the visual experience.

How durable are the temples?

The material is 70 times more abrasion-resistant than an ordinary frame material.

We provide lifetime warranty for the breakage of the frame, temples and the Safety and Ultra Safety lenses.

The material of the temples and the lens slot are remarkably resistant, thus ensuring longevity.

What do we find in the box?

  • The chosen pair of glasses + 2 pairs of temples for helmet and casual use
  • A hard, carbon-patterned case with soft, plush lining, ideal for carrying the glasses
  • Snap-hook, which lets you attach the case to a belt or trousers
  • Large cloth for cleaning the glasses
  • Micro fibre pouch for storing and protecting the glasses
  • Warranty card with a unique serial number

Where are they manufactured?

The raw material for the frames are supplied by one of the highest quality polymer producers, the Swiss EMS-GRIVORY, from which the products are made in China.

Some of the lenses for sunglasses come from the French company, Essilor, while the Safety lenses are supplied by a high quality, prominent Chinese factory.

Our prescription lenses are made in Hungary, from the materials and with the technology of the German Younger Optics, licensed by the, also German, Optovision.

The assembly and packaging of the products are done in Hungary.

Use of the product

How do I swap lenses in Flywear glasses?

Lenses of Alpha models are swappable, but the swap of prescription lenses requires caution and a degree of competence. For mastering the swap, we recommend watching our educational video. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to turn to our parters or to us for help. [link href=”” target=”_blank”]Video [/link]

How do I swap temples in Flywear glasses?

The temple swap is essentially a simple procedure; you can master its steps with the help of the following illustrations and educational video. [link href=”” target=”_blank”]Video [/link]

How do I clean Flywear lenses?

Always clean the lenses with lukewarm water, neutral liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. If your Flywear glasses have swappable lenses, it is recommended to remove them first, but you can clean them in their frames too. Wash them, then rinse them thoroughly. Make sure to leave some moisture on them. Wipe the lenses with the Flywear microfibre cloth. If running water is not available, moisten the lenses with your breath before using the cloth. Do not use the cloth on dry lenses, as you may damage their surface with dust particles invisible to the naked eye.

If you have removed the lenses, it is recommended to pop them back in using the cloth, so that you don’t leave fingerprints on them.

About the lenses

With what power are they available?

The production range – maximum dioptre values – are determined by several variables.

Generally speaking, we can say that the maximum overall power for our Alpha models is 4 dioptres, until 4 cylinder power.

However, for a precise answer, please feel free to turn to our optics partners, or to us.

What is peripheral vision like with Flywear?

Our customised optics solutions minimise distortions at the edges even with a wide perspective, so they don’t hinder peripheral vision. In addition, they provide a superior visual experience, compared to regular glasses.

How scratch-resistant are they?

It is very important to know that scratch-proof lenses do not exist. However, we can make them more resistant with various coatings.

[Flywear] lenses are particularly resistant to external physical impacts, but the surface of mirrored lenses are more sensitive. Therefore, it is advised to avoid cleaning the lenses when dry.

We apply the best scratch-repellent coatings available in today’s modern product technology. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the longevity of the lenses, it is important to follow the rules that apply to maintenance. The most important one of them is never to clean the lenses when dry! Always rinse them with tap water and wash them with neutral cleaning substance (liquid soap or lathered soap are perfect for this purpose) or use lens cleaning spray. Finally, wipe the lenses until dry with the Flywear microfibre cloth.

Do the lenses get foggy?

The ventilation holes placed at the edges of the lenses ensure air flow even at moderate speed, so we are facing this problem almost only when we are stationary.

Thanks to the coating of the lenses, mist disappears from their surface quickly.

In case of our prescription solutions, in addition to the basic coating, even more resistant ones are available on demand.

The anti-fog properties of the glasses can be enhanced considerably with the anti-fog wipe that will be available soon. With its use, fogging can practically be eliminated.

What are the steps of the ordering process?

1. Please give us your prescription details! We will perform a pre-calculation to assess producibility of your Flywear lenses.

2. Choosing the frame. Choose the appropriate size using the sizing guide. In case you are uncertain, please order different sizes, send back the one you don’t need with full refund.

3. Choosing the lenses. Using our configurator, You will be able to choose the most appropriate solution.

4. Once the order is closed and the payment is fully received, we will send you a prescription template we kindly ask you to complete – please use prescription data not older than 1year. We will also send you a confirmation email on your order.

5. We will then send you your frame(s) of choice, which will carry a ’demo lens’ suitable for measurement purposes only.

6. Please download the Mira Professional application to your mobile device (the email in point 4 will carry the link). Please put on your Flywear frame and using the application, please take 2 photos.

7. Within 3 weeks, you will receive your Flywear lenses that are easily mountable tot he frame with 1 click. We will send you notification about your shipment in due course.

Choosing the right product

What sizes are available?

The Alpha model is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Which size should I choose?

Generally speaking, the helmet you are using is a good starting point for determining the right size of glasses. However, we recommend trying them on with your currently used helmet, whenever possible. The guide helps you measure the head circumference and the resulting number lets you select the right size from the table.

The guide on our website and our video can help you determine the correct size. [link href=”” target=”_blank”]Video [/link]


Head circumference (cm) Head circumference (in) Flywear size
52 – 55 20½ – 21¾ S
55 – 58 21¾ – 23 M
58 – 62 23 – 24½ L

Which light transmittance category is for me?

The CAT number is a standardised mark that shows what the light transmittance value of the given lenses are. The higher this number, the less light is let through and the more tinted the lenses are; vice versa. Therefore, you have to choose based on the area of use.

Classifications above CAT3 are not suitable for driving or riding a vehicle.

Polarised lenses behind a closed visor can cause blind spots in the field of vision and may display the surface tension of the visor. That’s why we only recommend these lenses for use with open visor or without any visor, or with closed visor at your own risk.

Our photochromatic lenses move in the range CAT0-CAT3, making them a perfect choice for every lighting condition.

In twilight, at night, or in low visibility we recommend the ‘night yellow’ (CAT1) tinting. The yellow lenses have a contrast-enhancing effect, thus improving vision in conditions of reduced visibility.


Where can I buy Flywear sunglasses?

You can buy Flywear products from our official dealers, for which we recommend using the [link href=”#map”]dealer locator[/link] on our website.

Where can I buy Flywear prescription glasses?

You can buy Flywear glasses at our optics partners and our brand store. As we examine your eyes and vision thoroughly and your glasses are custom made, the examination may take about one hour. Please, don’t leave your helmet at home.

How much do Flywear prescription glasses cost?

We have a very wide selection of prescription solutions. As long as your dioptre values fall within the production range (generally +-4.00 dioptre range with 4 overall power), you can choose from single focus, progressive, clear and tinted lenses. For higher powers, only single focus lenses are feasible.

Since selecting the proper lens always requires the help of a professional and there are many variables that play a part in choosing the right solution, the exact price cannot be determined.

How long until they’re ready?

Generally, we take on producing prescription glasses with a deadline of two weeks. Our sunglasses are shipped from stock.


How much warranty is included with the product?

We provide 2 years of warranty on frames and sunglasses, counting from the day of purchase.

We provide 1 year of warranty on optical lenses, counting from the day of purchase.

We offer lifetime warranty for the breakage of the frames, temples and the Safety and Ultra Safety lenses. Registration of the product is a prerequisite.

We provide 1 year of warranty on other components and accessories, counting from the day of purchase.

How do I register the warranty card?

The prerequisite for the validity of the warranty is the registration, which can happen by filling out the card found in the operating instructions by hand, or electronically: by submitting the unique serial number via email.

The lifetime warranty for breakage also comes into effect after registration, so it is especially important to do it.

You don’t need anything else for registration, but the unique ID of the product, the receipt certifying the purchase, and your basic personal data.

Register here.

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