Developed specifically for padded helmets

  • Prescription solutions too
  • Special lenses with contrast-enhancing effect
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Uncompromising comfort
  • Anti-fog

With Flywear Snow products, you don’t need to compromise any more.

Until now, there hasn’t been any prescription solution on the market that was comfortable and offered perfect visual experience while skiing. With Flywear SNOW products there are no more compromises, because the utmost comfort is accompanied by an unparalleled visual experience. Using the street temples, you can enjoy this extraordinary experience in the lodge, or even on your way to the slopes.

Even the black slopes are not a challenge with lenses recommended specifically for snow. For bright sunshine, we recommend blue mirrored, or polarised lenses, while for cloudy conditions the contrast-enhancing, yellow lenses are best. Photochromatic grey or brown Transition®XTRActive™ lenses that react to visible light – perfect in every lighting condition.

Sunglasses from190EUR
Prescription glasses from420EUR

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Custom developed Helmet Ready temples

The unique design of the Helmet Ready temples is not only aesthetic, but practical too: the increased surface area distributes the pressure on your temple, eliminating any pressing or irritating feeling. You won’t even feel they are on. The profiles of the Micro Edge System grip the padding of the helmet like claws, so that the glasses will not move even in extreme vibration.

Thanks to the Quick Change Temples you can change the Helmet Ready temples to street temples in a single motion. The glasses are not only suitable for riding a motorcycle – they are ready for action in everyday use too!

Flywear temples

Flywear prescription glasses

We designed our optical solutions specifically for sports that require helmets: they withstand extreme conditions and dirt. The frame is made of Swiss material, while the material used for our prescription lenses is the unbreakable Trivex. However, the most important thing is that each pair of glasses we produce is tailored to your needs and your eyes, so we can guarantee such sharp vision that you’ve never experienced with any of your previous pairs. Our prescription solutions are available with clear, tinted, or even photochromatic lenses. A variety of coatings are also available for both single focus and progressive lenses.

Flywear prescription glasses

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