Optical solutions developed specifically for motorcyclists

  • Developed for use with a motorcycle helmet
  • With photochromatic lenses, working even behind the visor
  • Anti-fog
  • Safe

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect motorcycles glasses that are stable and comfortable even inside the helmet?

That dream has come true. Thanks to a number of innovations, the Flywear moto glasses and sunglasses stay in place even under extreme circumstances – without you even noticing that you are wearing them. Perfect vision in every situation – without compromises. With our prescription solutions, the horizon, the dashboard, the mirrors and the intersection are equally sharp.

Sunglasses from190EUR
Prescription glasses from420EUR

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Custom developed Helmet Ready temples

The unique design of the Helmet Ready temples is not only aesthetic, but practical too: the increased surface area distributes the pressure on your temple, eliminating any pressing or irritating feeling. You won’t even feel they are on. The profiles of the Micro Edge System grip the padding of the helmet like claws, so that the glasses will not move even in extreme vibration.

Thanks to the Quick Change Temples, you can change the Helmet Ready temples to street temples in a single motion. The glasses are not only suitable for riding a motorcycle – they are ready for action in everyday use too!

Flywear temples

Custom developed lenses for motorcyclists

The lenses of these glasses have been developed specifically for motorcyclists. The material used for our optical solutions is the unbreakable Trivex. They have one single purpose: for you to see everything on the road perfectly. They received special dust-, water-, and grease-repellent coatings, so that you won’t have to stop and clean them. Moreover, they are anti-reflective, 100% UV-protected and can easily be made fog-free. Our prescription solutions are available with photochromatic lenses that react to visible light and darken even behind the visor, thus always adapting to the external conditions.

Flywear prescription glasses

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